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Iceni Data is a data analysis app that helps non-profits and charitable organizations manage their donor health and make smart decisions around fundraising.

Analytics in the cloud can take your fundraising to the next level.

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User Benefits

Database Manager

Now’s your chance to show the hidden power of data: demonstrate how your database has changed with time, highlight trends, tease out surprising stats and lead change with dashboards and informed goal-setting. Wondering what the impact of that big data cleanup was from a couple years ago, Iceni data can demonstrate it.


All types of successful fundraising whether it’s major giving or direct marketing is a numbers game. Just like a start-up corporation, it’s important to see the long-term impacts of investments made now. Iceni can quickly and easily provide benchmarks all the while demonstrating where the organization sits in relation to its peers. We’ll quickly highlight the best investments for the organization.

Major Gift Officer

How long does it take your donors to renew? What do your most loyal donors have in common? How do your prospects respond to different appeals? Get insight into your donors’ behaviour and inform your next steps with our tailored reports, dashboards and more.


Board Members

Board members rightly see themselves as keeping your organization accountable, carefully watching the bottom line and ensuring the most cost effective delivery of the mission. Iceni provides tools to quickly see results and trends over time, whereas clearly demonstrating the impacts of decisions over the long-term.